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Baking delights

Sweet desserts
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July 1st, 2009

Welcome, welcome!!

This community is for one and all to share their favourite dessert recipes, whether they are homemade, from a cooking book, found on the web, etc. Credit is love.

The no nos:

disabling, freezing, screen or deleting comments
berating, flaming, fighting towards any and all members
posting anything illegal/that goes against LJs TOS
plugging communities that aren't related to baking

Aside from posting recipes, the following are more than welcome:

communities/sites that are related to

When posting recipes, make sure that they're related to desserts (I know that the look of the community is freshly baked bread but one can make dessert breads).

A good idea is to post a picture of what the baked good is.

How to:

post picture that's not larger than 400x400 before the cut, cut text being the name of the dessert, recipe and other instructions in the cut.

TAG ALL YOUR ENTRIES!! :D That way, if someone is looking for something specific, they can check the tags first before asking for something specific.

That's all I can think of right now. I can and will add to the rules as I see fit. Have fun!! :D

Maestro Shannon (samanosukesgirl)

(For the record: I do not have any objections to people having conversations within the entries. If you reply to people and your conversation lasts 9000 pages, that's fine. Just remember to be nice to one another. If not, PM me).